Can’t fall asleep? 

Difficulty falling asleep often reflects the restlessness we experience during waking hours, which can manifest itself through reluctance to letting go when bedtime comes. We are somehow under the impression that if we could just hold on and stay awake a little while longer, we would find a solution to our problems. We allow our thoughts to spin around and feed our inner dialogue with everything we have prevented ourselves from expressing during our waking hours and question ourselves endlessly.

During sleep, we become disconnected from reality. We are alone with ourselves and free to listen to our inner voice. By surrendering control and allowing ourselves to drift away into the unconscious, we are trusting ourselves and the world that everything will be okay. This, however, sounds easier said than done for those who have trouble falling asleep, which is why I have put together a few natural tips based on the different things that keep us up at night:


Here are 6 things that are keeping you awake and what to do about them:


1- Dealing with strong emotions like anger or sadness

We’ve all heard the saying that “we should never go to bed angry” and while that’s definitely good advice, it sometimes takes a moment to process our emotions.  While you take the time to process, essential oils can be of great help.

Tip: Diffusing sweet orange essential oil in your room

How it can help:  This essential oil has uplifting properties that help lift our spirits when we’re feeling down.  At the same time, sweet orange oil had sedative qualities that help improve the quality of sleep.


2- Struggling with repetitive thoughts that go around in circles 

When you are having trouble quieting down the mind and find yourself overthinking an issue

Tip: White Chestnut Bach Flower Essence

How it can help: This Bach Flower essence can do wonders to calm down mental activity when it becomes too intense. Add four drops to your drinking water and take four times a day.


3- Feeling Stressed

When you’ve had a stressful day and feel so agitated and restless that it’s hard to even lay down still to go to sleep.

Tip: Sipping a valerian or camomile tea infusion before bed

How it can help: These herbs have an appeasing effect, and they are known for calming down the nervous system.

Tip: Taking a sedating bath.  You can add 5 drops of marjoram and 10 drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water and take the time to unwind. Marjoram can be very sedating, so try to avoid it before driving or engaging in an activity. To help the oils dissolve mix with three tablespoons of table cream.

How it can help: Lavender and marjoram are known for their calming and appeasing properties which help restore balance and relieve tension. Their adaptogenic qualities will instigate a normalizing reaction in the body that is appropriate to achieve a state of homeostasis or balance.

Note: If you are not in the mood for a bath, you can also diffuse these oils in your room or put a few drops on your pillow.


4- Not having an adequate sleep environment

It’s a common habit to watch TV or look at our phone at night, but what we don’t realize is that the light that emanates from these devices can interrupt melatonin production, which can affect sleep.

Tip: Making sure that your bedroom is as dark as possible.  You can use eye pillows if necessary and avoid being in front of your computer or phone screen at least 30 minutes before bed.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, feeling like you are unable to go back to sleep, avoid turning on the lights or looking at your phone.

How it can help:  A dark environment helps stimulate natural melatonin production in your body, which is regulated by ambient lighting.


5- Feeling nostalgic about the past or dreading the future

When you find yourself lost in thoughts of the past or the future and are not fully present.

Tip: Paying attention to your breathing through mindfulness meditation

How it can help: Focusing on your breathing takes the focus away from your thoughts and into the present moment.


 6- Keeping everything inside and feeling like you are not expressing yourself 

When things are left unsaid, the energy flow in the throat chakra is disrupted.  Since this energy center is all about communication, self-expression and creativity,  an imbalance in the throat chakra,  can disrupt our sleep cycles.

Tip: It’s important to have an outlet to express what’s inside. Find a way to do so in a creative way. Keep a journal, write, draw, sing.

How this can help: Expressing yourself freely helps open the throat chakra. Since that is the energy center that is associated with sleep, balance in this chakra can help us feel more restful.

Tip: Having a Reiki session.

How this can help: A Reiki session can help stimulate the flow of energy between the chakras.


Let me know what works best for you!

Light, Love & Kindness



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