Stop smoking

A habit that has settled is sometimes long to give up. Yet many people decide to smash their cigarettes for good. Whether for health or financial reasons, quitting is a thoughtful decision over a long period.

But what about when we stop and what support we might need to get there? This also requires reflection and planning.

What tools do you have at your disposal to make this resolution a reality?

By a personalized approach, these tools become your allies in the cessation of smoking.


According to a study published by Dr. Jean Vibes in his book L’Acupuncture (Privat editions) “63% of patients treated quit smoking after the first session, to which must be added 34% having reduced their tobacco consumption to 86%. “

The 3 factors of smoking cessation …

When a person wants to quit smoking, three factors are involved:

The psychological factor, which involves firm and voluntary decision-making, is the stage that belongs entirely to the patient. Here, you have firmly decided to quit smoking.

The psychological and physical factors that affect the stress and tension caused by the lack can be reduced and eliminated by a healthy management of these factors, in particular by the acupuncture and advice that will be provided to you after the 1st meet. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation, elimination of stress and decreased sensation of lack of body by reducing stress are the elements that help the patient quit smoking to succeed in passing through his weaning. Sometimes one to two sessions is enough. However, a relapse is possible, even after several years. Additional sessions may then be prescribed. On some people, several sessions will be necessary. In order to offer a personalized approach we do not puncture only the symptomatic points of smoking cessation located near the nose. In traditional acupuncture, the patient’s field will also be taken into account, greatly increasing the chances of success of the treatment, since it will be adapted to the person who consults.

Par Catherine Kasztalska




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