I had a friend call me this week asking for a quick tip. He said he had decided to make more health conscious choices. And in order to start his day right, he thought he needed an alternative to his much needed morning coffee. And since I know many of you might also be curious about what kind of alternatives are out there, I thought I would share my tip with you as well.

Now , while I know some of you might be excited at the idea of adding a bit of variety to your morning routine, I also know a good number of you are currently clutching your coffee mug in a caffeine-induced frenzy and thinking: “from my cold dead hands”.

Slowly, put your cup down and step away from it for a moment. Remember, I’m one of the good guys. I want you no harm. I’m on your side. I promise. Think about it this way. There’s no harm in trying… right? And you can start slowly. For example, you could replace your 4th cup of coffee of the day by one of the choices below. (Baby steps).

So if you’re looking for an effective warm pick-me up drink to start your day, look no further.

Here’s option # 1: Rosemary tea with a dash of cayenne pepper

Makes 1 mug:


1 tsp. of dried rosemary
1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper
Boiling water


1- Infuse the dried rosemary in a mug of boiling water for approximately 10 min.
2- Strain
3- Add the cayenne pepper to your infusion and stir.
4- Sip & enjoy this warm concoction!



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