There are so many different things that can cause stress in our lives. Various factors such as money, work or family can represent important stressors in your life. But what if we looked at it from a more global yet personal perspective: yours. The more you distance yourself from the person you want to be and the life that you actually want to lead, the more stress you feel due to the internal conflict brewing inside of you. When your true self is not in accord with the reality you are experiencing, the more uncomfortable you will feel in your own skin. The reason for that is because deep down, you are aware that you are living a life that is not your own. Self-alienation can be the first sign that you are walking in the opposite direction of where you really want to go. The more you walk away from the real you, the more that feeling of inadequacy will grow.

We all have an essence. Something that makes us unique. Something that makes us “us”. And when we fail to listen to ourselves, feelings of frustration, resentment, unfulfillment and stress can arise. There are many reasons that can lead us to losing ourselves such as societal pressure and fear. But what we all tend to forget is that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

You have the power to make your life what you want to be.

And that’s because, as Wayne Dyer put it, “our intention creates our reality.”

Intention is the starting point of any dream in your life. It’s the focal point of your creative force.

By thinking about your intentions, you will allow yourself a moment of mindfulness. Instead of just going about your daily life without much thought or questioning , it gives you pause. It gives you time to reflect and reassess who you are and what you want. In a world that strives to be more and more realistic we often lose ourselves. Our authentic self that is. We trade dreams for convenience. But what is this realism truly costing you? Is it your hopes? Is it your passions? Is it your dreams? Is it the REAL you?

We are all unique individuals and somehow we think we should all strive for the same things. We tend to internalize what we think people want from us instead of pursuing what we really want until we fool ourselves into believing we want it too. So think about it really hard… Is this what you really want or is this what you think you should want?

At this point, you might be thinking that this article has more questions than answers and you’re right. And that’s because my answers are not the same as yours. I’m asking the questions we sometimes forget to ask ourselves but that are far too important to ignore. Listen to yourself.

Don’t let your negative mindset and self-limitation tell you you have to settle. Live your life the way you want to live it. So step off the conveyor belt and start chasing your dreams and passions. Instead of wandering aimlessly make sure you set your intentions everyday and, in doing so, you will be in alignment with your purpose. Don’t lose focus of what you want and don’t be afraid to want it.

Articulating your intentions makes them much more powerful. Once you manifest them, the universe will work to give you what you desire the most. Once you realize that you control your thoughts, you will be able to take control of your life. What you think becomes an action and then that action becomes your reality. Life is a canvas of self-expression. And you are the artist of your own life. Create something beautiful!!



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