Awaken Your Inner Divine Feminine Archetypes & Awaken to your Wholeness and Passion for Life!

Are you feeling exhausted, frustrated in your love life, or just out of touch with your body?  Would you like to feel naturally sensual, confident and joyfully alive in your body, in your heart and in your partnership? This month, our special guest, Aine Sun, will be guiding a 4-week workshop on awakening your innate and divine femininity.  Join her workshop if you feel you are ready to let go of body- and self-shame and to allow yourself to receive and experience pleasure and love. To join, please register by email by May 25th.

  • Time: 12:30pm to 1h30 pm
    Price: $240 + tax for the entire series (to be paid on May 30th)
    Promotional offer: 50% discount when you sign-up with a friend by May 25th.
    Bring a friend and you both receive a 50% discount!
    Deadline to sign-up: Friday May 25th 2018. If you are bringing a friend, please provide their name, phone number and email so youcan both take advantage of the 50% discount. 

Week 1 May 30th: The Divine Queen & the Divine Sensualist

Week 2 June 6th: The Divine Mother & the Divine Virgin

Week 3 June 13th: The Sacred Wild Woman and the Sacred Sage

Week 4 June 20th:The Sacred Seductress


  • Don’t forget to mention when you sign-up via email if you’re bringing a friend. If so, please make sure to include their name, phone number and email so you can both get  50% OFF. 

Connecting to Your Powerful Feminine Radiance & Gifts
Connecting with your feminine power is a way to recognize, embody and an allow yourself to be who you truly are.  Often, because of fear, shame, and false negative beliefs about ourselves, we hold many of our feminine gifts in our shadow and are afraid to stand in our powerful feminine light.  By doing so, we hold ourselves back from so much joy, love, fullness and connection to our divinity.  Through  discovery of the 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes, this workshop will provide the guidance to help you unblock limiting beliefs of who you are as you free yourself from negative self-image and let yourself shine.

This workshop includes:

  • Discovery and Integration of the 7 Sacred Feminine Archetypes
  • Awakening your senses and connection to your sacred body
  • Developing a love and affection for your divine body while improving your self-esteem and confidence as a woman
  • Working through our fears and judgements of embracing our feminine side
  • Fun and empowering sensual dance techniques and movement for women of all dancing abilities.

Awakening the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother lives within all of us. She is our connection to all of life. She is the creative life force and the holding power of unconditional love. The inner Divine Mother is the well-spring of self love and nourishment that we can learn to tap into to help us become whole within. As we fill ourselves with the love we desire, rather than searching for it from the outside, we search less for the approval of others. This frees us and allows us to love ourselves and others truly. The Divine Mother is the one who takes care of us (our inner parent) and is eternally supportive and understanding. No matter what our relationships were in our past with our Mothers, as adults we are all responsible to mother our own selves. Having a positive, supportive, and loving inner Mother is essential to experience happiness and success in life.

The Gifts of the Divine Mother are: Unconditional love, self-acceptance, body-love, self-support, and the knowledge of the true connection you have to all of life.

Awakening the Divine Sensualist

The Divine Sensualist is deeply connected to our bodies and our earliest authentic self. She was the vehicle of our first human experience; she was how we made sense of our world around us and she connected us to our Mothers. As a Woman, the Sensualist gives us the satisfaction of fully taking in the pleasures that our senses provide for us in this diverse world. Here, we radiate our beautiful feminine essence of receiving through delighting in these sensations. Life is completely full of these sensations around us and as we become increasingly sensitive the simplest things can give us great pleasure. Additionally, the Divine Sensualist provides the most delicious way to present mindfulness as we become fully present in our bodies and in the here and now. The Divine Sensualist also awakens a heightened sensitivity and we are therefore even more able to enjoy our sexuality and receive great pleasure with our partner.

The Gifts of the Divine Sensualist are: A deep connection to and appreciation for our bodies, An awakened sensitivity to the simplest joys in life, A delicious and natural method of present mindfulness, and heightened sensual pleasure.

Awakening the Virgin Maiden

The Virgin Maiden is the connection to your most authentic, true self. She is your inner child and the voice of your emotions. The Virgin Maiden is the part of you which experiences excitement, great joy, and trusts in the beauty of life. She is completely innocent and virginal in the original meaning of the word (‘one within herself’). Therefore, the Virgin Maiden is who she is because that is who she is, rather than for a means to control or to manipulate and this makes her truly innocent. She is spontaneous, playful, bubbly and fun. She is the part of you that wants to believe in the good of life and trusts in others. She is the part of you that allows herself to be vulnerable, to surrender to life or a lover. She allows her heart to be broken a million times over because she always believes and trusts in the good and she is able to keep her heart open through life which in the end allows her to fully experience life and love.

The Gifts of the Virgin Maiden: Inner joy and excitement for life, the ability to surrender to a beloved, the ability to keep one’s heart open to give and receive love and the wisdom in the power of vulnerability and authenticity.

Awakening the Divine Queen

The Divine Queen lives within all of us even if we have not given her the space to share with us her essential gifts. The Divine Queen is the part of us that has a full knowingness that we are divine. She is fully aware that our bodies are our temples. She is our inner protectress and the guardian of our bodies and life. She will not allow anyone who does not honor her into her space or take her time away. She is fully confident in her body, regardless of whether it fits into society’s limited view of beauty, as she knows that she is made perfectly in the image of the Goddess. She accepts her unique beauty as sacred and special.

The Gifts of the Divine Queen are: The ability to have and maintain healthy boundaries, high Self-esteem, Confidence in your natural and unique beauty as a woman, and the Knowledge and ‘knowingness’ that she is divine and a connection to her higher self.