Are you feeling exhausted, frustrated in your love life, or just out of touch with your body?  Would you like to feel naturally sensual, confident and joyfully alive in your body, in your heart and in your partnership? This month, our special guest, Aine Sun, will be guiding a 4-week workshop on awakening your innate and divine femininity.  Join her workshop if you feel you are ready to let go of body- and self-shame and to allow yourself to receive and experience pleasure and love. To join, please register by email by May 25th.

  • Time: 12:30pm to 1h30 pm
    Price: $240 + tax for the entire series (to be paid on May 30th)
    Promotional offer: 50% discount when you sign-up with a friend by May 25th.
    Bring a friend and you both receive a 50% discount!
    Deadline to sign-up: Friday May 25th 2018. If you are bringing a friend, please provide their name, phone number and email so youcan both take advantage of the 50% discount. 

Week 1 May 30th: The Divine Queen & the Divine Sensualist

Week 2 June 6th: The Divine Mother & the Divine Virgin

Week 3 June 13th: The Sacred Wild Woman and the Sacred Sage

Week 4 June 20th:The Sacred Seductress


  • Don’t forget to mention when you sign-up via email if you’re bringing a friend. If so, please make sure to include their name, phone number and email so you can both get  50% OFF. 

Connecting to Your Powerful Feminine Radiance & Gifts
Connecting with your feminine power is a way to recognize, embody and an allow yourself to be who you truly are.  Often, because of fear, shame, and false negative beliefs about ourselves, we hold many of our feminine gifts in our shadow and are afraid to stand in our powerful feminine light.  By doing so, we hold ourselves back from so much joy, love, fullness and connection to our divinity.  Through  discovery of the 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes, this workshop will provide the guidance to help you unblock limiting beliefs of who you are as you free yourself from negative self-image and let yourself shine.

This workshop includes:

  • Discovery and Integration of the 7 Sacred Feminine Archetypes
  • Awakening your senses and connection to your sacred body
  • Developing a love and affection for your divine body while improving your self-esteem and confidence as a woman
  • Working through our fears and judgements of embracing our feminine side
  • Fun and empowering sensual dance techniques and movement for women of all dancing abilities.