The Divine Mother lives within all of us. She is our connection to all of life. She is the creative life force and the holding power of unconditional love. The inner Divine Mother is the well-spring of self love and nourishment that we can learn to tap into to help us become whole within. As we fill ourselves with the love we desire, rather than searching for it from the outside, we search less for the approval of others. This frees us and allows us to love ourselves and others truly. The Divine Mother is the one who takes care of us (our inner parent) and is eternally supportive and understanding. No matter what our relationships were in our past with our Mothers, as adults we are all responsible to mother our own selves. Having a positive, supportive, and loving inner Mother is essential to experience happiness and success in life.

The Gifts of the Divine Mother are: Unconditional love, self-acceptance, body-love, self-support, and the knowledge of the true connection you have to all of life.