The Divine Sensualist is deeply connected to our bodies and our earliest authentic self. She was the vehicle of our first human experience; she was how we made sense of our world around us and she connected us to our Mothers. As a Woman, the Sensualist gives us the satisfaction of fully taking in the pleasures that our senses provide for us in this diverse world. Here, we radiate our beautiful feminine essence of receiving through delighting in these sensations. Life is completely full of these sensations around us and as we become increasingly sensitive the simplest things can give us great pleasure. Additionally, the Divine Sensualist provides the most delicious way to present mindfulness as we become fully present in our bodies and in the here and now. The Divine Sensualist also awakens a heightened sensitivity and we are therefore even more able to enjoy our sexuality and receive great pleasure with our partner.

The Gifts of the Divine Sensualist are: A deep connection to and appreciation for our bodies, An awakened sensitivity to the simplest joys in life, A delicious and natural method of present mindfulness, and heightened sensual pleasure.