The Virgin Maiden is the connection to your most authentic, true self. She is your inner child and the voice of your emotions. The Virgin Maiden is the part of you which experiences excitement, great joy, and trusts in the beauty of life. She is completely innocent and virginal in the original meaning of the word (‘one within herself’). Therefore, the Virgin Maiden is who she is because that is who she is, rather than for a means to control or to manipulate and this makes her truly innocent. She is spontaneous, playful, bubbly and fun. She is the part of you that wants to believe in the good of life and trusts in others. She is the part of you that allows herself to be vulnerable, to surrender to life or a lover. She allows her heart to be broken a million times over because she always believes and trusts in the good and she is able to keep her heart open through life which in the end allows her to fully experience life and love.

The Gifts of the Virgin Maiden: Inner joy and excitement for life, the ability to surrender to a beloved, the ability to keep one’s heart open to give and receive love and the wisdom in the power of vulnerability and authenticity.