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Are you feeling anxious?

Bach Flower essences help address emotional imbalances. Anxiety can manifest itself in different forms, therefore, everyone experiences anxiety differently. We use different Bach flower remedies to address these different forms of anxiety.

Aspen Bach Flower remedy is commonly used for anxiety that is caused by something that is unknown. When you are feeling anxious, but can’t exactly explain why this anxiety is manifesting itself, we turn to the aspen Bach Flower remedy.

Mimulus Bach Flower remedy, on the other hand, is used when we have a specific anxiety or fear. Anxiety caused by fear of being alone, fear of the dark or fear of losing your job are all examples of specific fears that we know are the root cause for our anxiety. In these cases, Mimulus Bach Flower remedy would be most appropriate.

Red Chestnut Bach Flower remedy is used for when our anxiety stems from being worried or overconcerned of the well-being of our loved ones.

Bach Flower remedies can we used alone or combined. We can choose our bach flower remedies ourselves, although it could be tricky because it’s hard to be objective when it comes to addressing our own emotions. Seeking the help from someone more experience can be a good idea.

Toro Holistic Health Center offers free Bach Flower consultations on your first service appointment at our center. Click HERE to learn more about this complimentary service.

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