06-27-2019 _ Blog Thursday Tips From Tat
Can't fall asleep?  Difficulty falling asleep often reflects the restlessness we experience during waking hours, which can manifest itself through reluctance to letting go when bedtime comes. We are somehow under the impression that if we could just hold on and stay awake a little while longer, we would find a solution to our problems. [...]
06-24-2019 _ Blog_ Monday Inspiration
Intuition is an immediate insight or understanding that takes places without conscious reasoning. It is a sense of knowing and correctness that is quiet, quick and clear. Although we all experience this constantly, the challenge is to have the courage to honour that inner knowledge and remain authentic to ourselves. Our intuition offers us an [...]
06-18-2019 _ Blog_ Tuesday Talk With Tat
This is custom heading element After our last post about holistic health, I wanted to take the time to answer a question I often get: “Between modern medicine and a holistic health approach, which one should I choose?”. In order to answer this question, it’s essential to understand the focus of each approach. Modern medicine [...]
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When we get sick, whether we are dealing with a physical or mental illness, our automatic reaction is to look for answers in the opinion of those we consider experts in the matter.  While I do believe that receiving professional help and support is crucial to recovery, I have noticed that there is one important [...]
06-13-2019 _ Blog_ Thursday Tip From Tat
This is custom heading element Last week I talked about the real cause of stress being internal rather than external.  I mentioned that external factors are triggers to a stressful response.  The emotions that we hold on to are what makes us vulnerable to these triggers.  I also suggested that one of the ways we [...]

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