Monday Inspiration: “Intuition is the GSP of the soul” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Intuition is an immediate insight or understanding that takes places without conscious reasoning. It is a sense of knowing and correctness that is quiet, quick and clear. Although we all experience this constantly, the challenge is to have the courage to honour that inner knowledge and remain authentic to ourselves. Our intuition offers us an [...]

Monday Inspiration: Words From Hippocrates

When we get sick, whether we are dealing with a physical or mental illness, our automatic reaction is to look for answers in the opinion of those we consider experts in the matter.  While I do believe that receiving professional help and support is crucial to recovery, I have noticed that there is one important [...]

Monday Inspiration: Definition of Health by World Health Organization

This is custom heading element This week, we are bringing awareness to how a complete state of health extends beyond the physical and includes our mental and social well-being. Light, Love & Kindness Tatiana

Monday Inspiration: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

It’s important to be aware that our thoughts shape, mold and ultimately create our own reality. What determines how we see things is the way we feel inside and that the world around us acts as our mirror. To the fearful, the world will appear scary and, to the angry, it will appear frustrating. When [...]

Monday Inspiration: Karma

Karma What you send out returns to you. Through your thoughts, actions and words you are creating your reality. You have the power to choose what you create. Be mindful of what you choose. Light, Love & Kindness Tatiana