Mindfulness & Self-Discovery

Mindfulness & Self-Discovery

Holistic Approach VS Modern Medicine #TuesdayTalkWithTat

This is custom heading element After our last post about holistic health, I wanted to take the time to answer a question I often get: “Between modern medicine and a holistic health approach, which one should I choose?”. In order to answer this question, it’s essential to understand the focus of each approach. Modern medicine [...]

How To Deal With Stress Through Meditation #ThursdayTipsFromTat

This is custom heading element Last week I talked about the real cause of stress being internal rather than external.  I mentioned that external factors are triggers to a stressful response.  The emotions that we hold on to are what makes us vulnerable to these triggers.  I also suggested that one of the ways we [...]

How To Identify The Real Cause Of Stress? #ThursdayTipsFromTat

This is custom heading element What is the Real Cause of Stress? When we think about what brings stress into our lives, our first instinct is to examine our surroundings for all the possible causes. Then, we usually conclude that it must be caused by work, relationships or undesirable situations.  Based on this conclusion, we [...]

What Is Holistic Health? #TuesdayTalkWithTat

This is custom heading element What Is Holistic Health? The origin of the word holism comes from the Greek word "holos" and means whole, entire and complete.  In the context of health, the word holistic refers to the treatment of the whole person by taking into account the physical, mental and emotional states while considering their interconnectedness. [...]