Turn off the lights, rest you head on your pillow and let the calming stillness of the night lull you to sleep… Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The only thing is, for some, falling asleep can be a real nightmare.

Sleeplessness often occurs when we are going through a period riddled with anxiety and stress. This anxiousness normally doesn’t go away when it’s time for our bodies and our mind to take a much needed rest. Some people know very well what it’s like to have their mind’s racing back and forth through what seems to be endless to-do lists. But, as we all know, refueling our body with a good night of sleep is necessary for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. So here are a few tips to help you achieve this dreamy state.

Drawing Mandalas:
Tonight, instead of reaching for the TV remote or your smartphone, try reaching for some paper and some colored pencils for a little session of mandala meditation. Mandalas, meaning “circles” in Sanskrit represent wholeness and continuity. Their circular geometric shape have no beginning and no end. In some cultures, mandalas have been used as a spiritual tool for centuries. They provide a sense of calm and well-being and have the ability to pull your mind to the present. You can make your mandala simple or intricate. This doesn’t require any expertise. Just be creative and let your intuition guide you when choosing the designs and the colors you want to use.
Positive Thinking and Affirmations:
In order to release yourself from anxiety, before you go to bed, try to write down or read positive statements that describe a desired situation or goal in your personal life. We will call these your affirmations. They help eliminate any negative self-talk and negative thought patterns you may have. Focusing on these affirmative statements will keep self-defeating thoughts at bay. It’s also the perfect way to end the day on a positive note. Remember that your mind is the most formidable source of power you possess. Everything starts with a thought. What you think is ultimately what you will become.

Be Mindful Of Your Breathing:
Yes. I know you know what breathing is. But how often do you actually pay attention to it? Do you pay attention to the air going in, filling your lungs, and then feeling it leave your body? Breathing is something we should all be mindful of, especially during stressful times. When you feel a burden follow your soul and disturb your tranquility and peace of mind, remember to breathe.

It’s hard not to dwell on the past or torment yourself with the future. It’s hard to simply be in the present. I know it is. Try to focus on this natural part of living. You will realize how it helps bring your mind back to the present instead of allowing it to wander. You will start feeling more and more relaxed with each breath. Enjoy it. It means you’re here. In the “now”. So go ahead and BE.

Breathe in slowly and deeply, and exhale that air back out.


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