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Hi Toro’s!

I would like to wish you a happy 2016 and may the new year bring you everything and anything your heart desires. Well, maybe not everything. Instead I will wish that your truest and purest desires be granted. Although we may wish for many things in our lives, not all our desires serve our greater good. This is the case when our wishes emerge from the ego and not the soul. However, recognizing which desires come from within is essential in order to know their authenticity. Try to focus your attention on whatever resonates with YOUR truth. When your most profound desires and intentions are aligned with your genuine self, you can start living the life you truly want to live… Everything that happens in the universe begins with an intention and an intention precedes every action. It is the foundation of creation.

I have something that I would like to share with you that might help bring you just a little closer to discerning and formulating an intention that is close to your heart. Those of you who are familiar with my energy work know that we begin every session by setting an intention. There are times when one emerges intuitively seemingly out of nowhere without effort and others when there is a struggle to connect with your true desires. Creating your own intention board can help bring out desires you often don’t even know are there because you are not present enough to hear what’s being whispered within.

What you’ll need:

  • A blank canvas
  • Paint of the color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A stack of magazines
  • An inspiration box

Remember that there is not rush to complete this project. You can choose to devote an afternoon to you intention board or spread it over a few days.

Step by Step:

  • Begin by painting you canvas. Choose a color that you are drawn to at the moment. Feel free to select a theme or area of your life on which you would like to focus your attention. Remember that whatever you give your attention to is amplified.
  • The next step is to collect words and images that inspire you. Take your time to leaf through your magazines. Let it flow from a place of intuition and creativity. It does not need to make sense at this point. Whenever you find yourself drawn to an image, a word or even a color let it happen without questioning it. You may find that you leaf through an entire magazine without anything catching your attention. This is okay. Do not force the process. Once you find something that inspires you, use the scissors to cut it out or simply rip it off carefully and place in your inspiration box. Collect as many as you wish.
  • I suggest waiting a few days before putting your board together. By then you will most likely have forgotten what you have put in the box so discovering these again a few days later might even surprise you! Waiting a few days might also helps you create your board from a more intuitive place rather than rational. Once you are ready, set aside a few hours to yourself and make yourself comfortable in a nice quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Open your inspiration box and begin taking out what you have collected and lay everything in front of you. I like to play around with the words and images by placing them and moving them around on the canvas before I glue them.
  • Finally, I like to add a little something secret to the back of the canvas. The front of the canvas will be up for display and open for everyone to see so feel free to add a little personal message as a finishing touch.
    Have fun with this and enjoy the process as it as reavealing as the end result. I often find that everything seems to come together as if I had known how they would turn out all along. Probably because deep down I did. If you do end up making one (and i hope you do) feel free to share it with me. I would love to see it!
  • Light, Love & Kindness from my heart to yours,Tatiana

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