When it comes to my practice in energy healing, one question my clients ask me quite often is how I came to work in this field and how long I have been practicing for.  They want to know how I learned to do this.  The truth is that it is not something that is easy for me to pinpoint.  You see, I grew up in a home where working with energy was just the norm.  For as far as I can remember, my mom used energy healing to maintain harmony and balance at every level within the home.   Whenever we were sick, receiving reiki was always used as a complement to our conventional health care treatments.  I remember how my mother would place her hands over our chakras telling us how this was going to help the energy flow through our body.

When we moved to Montreal from our native Colombia in the early 1990’s, my mother turned to what she knew best and to what she had done all her life to provide for her family: energy healing and cartomancy.   As a newly arrived immigrant and single mother who did not yet know the language, she reached out to the Hispanic community and began offering tarot card readings from our home.   My sister and I grew up watching our mother use her gifts and watching her do so intrigued us. Our curiosity was piqued very early on and we learned so much watching her that doing these things quickly became second nature to us.  Although I believe that working with energy is something that can be learned by all, I also believe that some are  gifted with an innate and natural sensitivity for perceiving that which for others remains elusive.  This was the case for my mother.

Exploring beyond physical dimensions of being and discussing our dreams to interpret their possible meaning was a common subject of conversation in our family. In our home, we were always encouraged to listen to our intuition and trust our inner guidance.  And that is exactly what I did. From my studies in homeopathy to the founding of Toro Holistic Health Center, everything that led me to what I do today was inspired by this.  It was never something that I sat down to analyze and plan for but rather something that came from a place of inner knowledge. It all happened so naturally, that I feel I am exactly where I should be doing exactly what I should be doing.

For me, it has always been far too important to follow my intuition and that path lead me to pursue my love for energy work. Although energy  healing has always been a part of my life, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was initiated in reiki at the AnandaOm center and began to offer it to my clients as part of my practice.  It is by being true to myself that my work is now in  alignment with my very essence. Not only am I infinitely grateful to my mother and everything she taught me, I am also honored to be following her footsteps.



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