Letting go of negative emotions and enhancing positive ones. Throughout this four week series, we will be meditating on themes of, emotional awareness as it relates stress reduction and relationships. Sessions take place in small groups here at the Center where, as usual, we hold a non-judgmental space to facilitate personal growth.

Time: 12:30pm or 5:30pm

Duration: 40 minutes

Lesson 1: May 2nd 2018

This week we will explore the relation between the emotions that we hold on to and our stress response. Generally, many of the approaches we turn to to help alleviate stress focus on its external causes as well as its effects (ex: relieving muscle tension, insomnia etc.). However, during this session, we will be turning our attention inwards and exploring the way in which what we are holding onto emotionally influences the way we react to external stress factors.

Lesson 2: May 9th 2018

In our second session we look at the mechanisms through which we manage our emotions, (ex: repression) whether consciously or unconsciously. The emotions that we hold onto remain and build up pressure. To release the energy of that pressure, we bring into awareness feelings that have been ignored in order to begin the process of letting go. .

Lesson 3: May 16th 2018

During our third session, we meditate surrendering any resistance that we may have as we continue to let go of negative emotions and begin to enhance positive ones. Resistance may present itself in the form of thoughts associated with specific emotions. These thoughts may drive away the sense of peace in our daily lives. As feelings generate thoughts, we will be directing our attention to the emotions that need to be released.

Lesson 4: May 23rd 2018

In our last session we explore the effect our thoughts and emotions can have on our relationships with others. How others behave toward us reveals what they sense about us. By bringing these emotions into awareness we can begin to surrender them. This not only allows us to have a better understanding of our relationships with others but also grants us the power to improve them.

Cost: $160

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