Although we may wish for many things in our lives, not all our desires serve our greater good. This is the case when our wishes emerge from the ego and not the soul. However, recognizing which desires come from within is essential in order to know their authenticity. Try to focus your attention on whatever resonates with YOUR truth. When your most profound desires and intentions are aligned with your genuine self, you can start living the life you truly want to live… Everything that happens in the universe begins with an intention and an intention precedes every action. It is the foundation of creation. In this workshop we will explore intention in relation to different themes. Through the intuitive process of collaging, you will be invited and encouraged to create your own reality.

About Intention:An invisible field of energy in the universe that allows the act of creation to occur. Each and every single one of us is connected to this universal source of energy and possesses the ability to harness its infinite potential. When you are in harmonious connection with the field of intention, you don’t allow for pessimistic scenarios to dissuade you from achieving your goals. You simply know that the Universe can supply you with the resources you need.

Collaging:Get in touch with your creative flow and let yourself be guided by this intuitive art process. Through collaging, reconnect with your heart’s desire and allow your intention to emerge from a place of mindfulness and inner wisdom. We will use collage to connect with the subconscious mind and get a clearer picture of our desires and intentions.

Come join us, explore and see what emerges. You could surprise yourself! ; )

  • Self-expression
  • Connect with your heart’s desire
  • Self-awareness and exploration

Exploring different themes:I believe that the answers lie within us if we will only pay attention and listen. Sometimes we get caught up and distracted by outside noise and forget to follow our own inner guidance. I am offering 7 different themes of exploration and invite you to choose the one/s that resonnate the most with with experience. Come to one, a few or all of them!

Light, Love & Kindness,