What is mindfulness?

It is deliberately paying attention to the present experience. It is being present with the good and being present with the discomfort and paying attention to each moment that makes up our day. Being present in our thoughts and in our body gives us the opportunity to respond

How Mindfulness Can Help:

When our stress response becomes triggered, mindfulness can help activate the calming response by gathering information about what is perceived as a threat. Through awareness we are better able to respond rather than react.

Common Misconceptions:

I often hear from clients that they cannot meditate because they are unable to clear their mind of all thoughts. This is a very common misconception as we are not actively trying to control our thoughts. In fact, in our mindfulness practice we are simply observing what is there rather than trying to change it. We are not meditating to achieve a particular state of mind. We might, however, become more relaxed in the process of observing whatever arises while doing so in the spirit of curiosity and without judgement.

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