At a physical level: Stress & anxiety reduction, relaxation,

At an energetic level: Helps release blockages and energetic disruptions

At an emotional level: Releasing feelings of anger, guilt, hatred

At a mental level: Releasing negative thoughts

At a spiritual level: Deeper mind-body connection and exploration

Reiki energy may also be helpful in times of illness or when going through intense periods of change (relationship, career, lifestyle, home) as it helps us adjust to the transition with more ease by:

  • Physically alleviating symptoms
  • Emotionally allowing us to embrace changes from a place of calm and acceptance and free from fear
  • Mentally allowing us to view our issue from a different perspective and shift the focus of our thoughts

Many studies have highlighted how Reiki has favourably supported various ailments, conditions, and disorders:

Reiki and stress & anxiety

Toro Holistic Health center proudly offers Reiki healing services on a volunteer basis to the Aids Community Care Montreal organization.