What it is tendonitis: It is an inflammation of the tendons causing pain and movement restriction in the affected area.  This could be due to an overuse of the muscles or may also be caused by an injury.

What your body is telling you: Tendons attach muscles to the bones and are of soft consistency.  When the tendons become rigid they are reflecting an inflexibility and rigidness in the way you adjust to adapt to different situations in your life as well as how supple you are with yourself and with those around you.  This can indicate a conflict between your inner desire and what you think you should do.

What you can do: 

Meditate on this: “How can I allow myself the flexibility to find balance between the mental and the spiritual and to trust my inner guidance”?

Aromatherapy: Applying a rosemary or lavender compress to the affected area may help soothe inflammation and relieve pain. To do this, start by making an infusion in which you can soak a linen cloth for your compress in. Marjoram essential oil may also be used to stimulate circulation and alleviate stiffness. These compresses can be applied cold or warm depending on what feels better to you.

How we can help:

Homeopathy: The Homeopathic remedy Ruta Graveolens has long been known to help alleviate inflamed tendons. However, although this remedy is a great option as a first aid recourse, a homeopathic remedy must be selected according to the person’s unique experience of their illness rather than on the physical symptoms alone.   As we know that each person experiences their disease differently, your homeopath can help by guiding you through an exploration of your unique experience in order to identify what is at the core of the disturbance and select the corresponding homeopathic remedy.

Osteopathy: In case of tendonitis, the osteopath intervenes to complement classical medicine by targeting the causes of inflammation (articular dysfunction, strain, repetitive movement, nutrition, etc.). As a curative measure, the treatments help relieve the symptoms all while acceleration the body’s healing process.  As a preventive measure, they help minimize the risks of a recurring tendonitis.

Naturopathy:  Your naturopath can give you tips and tricks as to what natural remedies with anti-inflammatory properties such as how chamomile and cayenne pepper can be used in the case of tendonitis.  Moreover, the role of your naturopath will be to evaluate what may be at the root of your condition, assist you in determining which lifestyle changes may help alleviate it, and guide you through every step of the process.

You may choose the approach that speaks to you the most or combine them.  At Toro Holistic, our therapists work together to offer you the most personalized of services. However, it is important to note that our services do not in any way replace the care provided by a doctor or health care professional but are rather offered as a complement to your medical treatment.



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