How To Deal With Stress Through Meditation #ThursdayTipsFromTat

Last week I talked about the real cause of stress being internal rather than external.  I mentioned that external factors are triggers to a stressful response.  The emotions that we hold on to are what makes us vulnerable to these triggers.  I also suggested that one of the ways we can deal with stress is through mindfulness meditation, so I would like to give you a few tips on how to do that.

But first, what is meditation?

If this is new to you, meditation is the action of deliberately paying attention to the present moment.  There is this misconception about having to be in a quiet environment sitting in a perfect lotus pose to meditate.  You can definitely meditate in this way if it is helpful to you but know that it is not necessary.

I also want to mention that his is not a quick fix and is a process that requires time and practice.   The first step is to bring awareness to it before we can do anything about it, so our goal with this is to explore our internal cause of stress. So how do we do that?

  • Shift your focus away from the external factors (step away from the story, situation, person, project, argument etc.)
  • Bring your attention inwards
  • Shift your perspective from the experiencer to the observer
  • From this perspective observe what feelings are present and notice if there is a dominant feeling
  • Allow this emotion to the surface without judgement and resistance
  • Allow yourself to have this feeling without trying to change it

Bringing awareness to the feelings will eventually allow it to run its course instead of repressing them.

Light, Love & Kindness



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