How To Identify The Real Cause Of Stress? #ThursdayTipsFromTat

What is the Real Cause of Stress?

When we think about what brings stress into our lives, our first instinct is to examine our surroundings for all the possible causes. Then, we usually conclude that it must be caused by work, relationships or undesirable situations.  Based on this conclusion, we then assume that if these circumstances are to blame for our stress, then they must naturally be changed.  While it is true that it is sometimes necessary to change our work environment, leave a relationship or walk away from a situation, it is also necessary to engage in introspection for real lasting change to occur.  What is interesting to realize is how we all react to stressors in very different ways.  What determines how we perceive these stressors are the emotions we have repressed inside.  It is these repressed feelings that make us vulnerable to the external causes of stress.  As the observer and experiencer of your “reality”, your perception of these situations are inevitably influenced by what you hold inside.


What to do about it?

With that in mind, it is far more worthwhile to shift our focus within than to expend our energy on external factors which may be outside of our control.  By identifying the belief patterns and emotions within ourselves that make us perceive situations in a stressful way, we can gain the awareness we need in order to let go.


How to do it?

It is through meditation as well as through any holistic health approach that encourages self-reflection that we are better able to gain greater self-awareness. In a society where we inclined to seek outward for the external causes of our discomfort, I invite you to welcome any opportunities to look within as it is truly the only thing we have the power to change.


Light, Love & Kindness



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