As a Reiki practitioner I often recommend meditation following a session as it can help us reconnect with ourselves and calm our mind by allowing us to be in the present moment. I soon realized that not everyone is familiar with this so I thought I would share a 15-20 minute grounding root chakra meditation with you. But first, a quick refresher, because I know you’re wondering; )
What is the root chakra and what does it do for me?
The Muladhara chakra, also known as the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. This chakra relates to our connection to the material world as well as to our physical body. Our sense of physical safety and security emerges from this energy center. It is also responsible for our sense of home and belonging.

Root Chakra Colour: Red

Root Chakra Element: Earth

Root Chakra Quality: The root chakra is Grounding, it allows the body, mind and soul to work together harmoniously.

Imbalanced root chakra energy may manifest as:

  • A sense of not belonging and having difficulty connecting with others.
  • A difficulty connecting with the more spiritual side of life.
  • An imbalance in this chakra can be draining, thus resulting in low physical energy.
  • A struggle with finances or becoming overly materialistic.
  • A sensation of paralysing fear stemming from a sense of threat to your sense of home, security and survival.
  • Feeling disoriented, insecure and indecisive.

Balanced root chakra energy may manifest as:

  • A sense of belonging as well as healthy and rewarding relationships.
  • Feeling secure and safe and stable physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • High physical energy.
  • Feeling financially secure.
  • Feeling as sense of home, as your home reflects who you are.
  • Feeling grounded, confident and secure with our decisions.

An image that I like to use is that of a tree. Visualize big tree such as an oak. It is tall and sturdy. Now picture its roots. They are strong and deeply rooted. For such a tree, strong winds and storms are of no threat as it is secure and stable in its ground. The leaves and branches remain flexible and free to sway in the wind in any direction and can do so confidently knowing that the tree will not be uprooted or lifted from its home.

Earth Meditation for the Root Chakra:

What you’ll need:

  • A red candle: The light that emanates from the flame symbolizes universal energy while the flame itself represents the energetic body. The candle and wick symbolize the physical body.
  • Burning incense or essential oils such as sage or patchouli as their particular warm and earthy aromas evoke feelings of groundedness.
  • A cushion
  • A crystal or gemstone of your choice such as a smoky quartz which helps bring your focus to the present moment and dissolve emotional blockages.

Before beginning your meditation:

  • This meditation is best when practised outdoors, in a park or garden to help you connect with the earth element.
  • If you choose to practice the meditation indoors, begin by preparing the space by burning some incense or essential oils. Make sure it is a calm quiet space where you are able to spend some time with yourself without being disturbed or interrupted.

Ready? Let’s begin our guided root chakra meditation!

  • Light the red candle and sit comfortably, preferably cross-legged with your back straight. If sitting on the ground feels uncomfortable, use a chair. Once you feel settled and comfortable, bring your attention to the burning flame, gazing at it softly. Notice the light that emanates from the flame.
  • Now close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. With every inhale, allow the breath to move through different parts of your body. Allow the breath to deepen. Feel its movement as you inhale and exhale deeply, slowly, and evenly. Feel your body relax.
  • Bring your awareness to your body and notice the sensations that you experience. Feel the weight of your body and your connection to the floor and notice the parts of your body that come in contact with it. Allow yourself to feel your feet, your legs, and your buttocks be in contact with the earth.
  • Visualize a tree, and consider its qualities: strength, stability, deep-rootedness. Breathe here for a moment.
  • Now visualize the earth beneath you. Deep below the floor you sit on. Visualize yourself growing roots deep into the earth. Just as the tree nourishes itself from the earth, feel yourself drawing energy through your roots. As you inhale, feel this energy flow through you, feel yourself becoming stronger, more stable, secure, safe, grounded. Exhale. Breathe…
  • As you sit in meditation, repeat the following affirmations (mantra) in your mind:

“I am grounded and secure”.
“I am responsible for my life and have the strength and the courage to cope with any situation”.
“I honour and nurture my body”.

Sit silently in this meditation for 15 to 20 minutes.


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