Everyone seems to think that eating in the evening causes weight gain. Fortunately, us nutritionists are here to make sure myths like this one don’t get in the way of a delicious supper or even a delightful night snack. Weight gain is caused by excessive energy intake, A.K.A ingesting more calories than what your body requires. Whether you drink milk at 10 in the morning or 10 at night, the 120 calories you ingest remain the same. Either way, your body will use the same time and energy to digest it. However, the extra calories we get from extra snacks or meals do contribute to weight gain, which would explain why most people associate midnight snacks or extra night meals with extra weight, especially after a night of heavy drinking (extra calories from the alcohol) followed by a heavy meal from the after-hours restaurant on the corner (extra extra calories). Moreover, having a late supper also implies harbouring an empty upset belly for a while, which means hunger rated 12 on a scale of 1 to 10 at the table, A.K.A ingesting extra calories.

Therefore, weight gain is NOT caused by evening meals or snacks, but by the extra calories we ingest depending on the contexts and the environment that surround us.


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by Rona Kabawat



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