To make reiki, you need audacity and a lot of love. Think about it. When you do a bad massage, you still do a massage. But when you make bad reiki, what do you do? Nothing. Foolishness, as they say. That is why it takes audacity to make reiki, to pretend to make it. And Tatiana does not just pretend to make reiki, she actually does.

To tell the truth, I do not care what it’s called, what Tatiana does with her hands. Only, I know it has strength: it’s powerful. It’s unpredictable like the wind. But it does, in my case, sometimes tornado. One time I sweated like a pig and felt overturned by a truck. Nothing less. Fortunately other times, it’s calmer. But more often than not, I do not expect anything, I feel nothing when I am stretched and Tatiana brushes my body, while boom, I am the first surprised.
The reiki with Tatiana, therefore, is not a matter of belief, but rather a matter of sensation. That is why I spoke of audacity. The audacity to share the sensation, the audacity to go to fret, at least to give the impression of fury in the sensations of another on which one imposes the hands. That’s the reiki, the reiki with Tatiana, in his company. And there’s love, I said. Love modest. Tatiana claims she is not for much in our energy exchanges. Of course, I think it exaggerates. For me, his gift is true. And then, after the session, there is the patient listening to Tatiana. Not easy for me to talk about the meaning of my strange sensations. And this is where all this talk about the chakras (speech that I take with a grain of salt) helps create a comforting distance.

All this theory on the energy that goes from head to foot allows me to approach my ills with other words. And slowly, trust is established, because Tatiana listens to what I have to say, and in return I am less afraid of what I have to say to myself. His answers to my objections make me think, in the right direction. “To do good, it helps to feel better. This is where love meets with audacity. It is a subtle art that to do good to the soul (to be “psycho-therapist”) by first passing through the body. It is a loving art to exchange words on all this.

Thank you Tatiana.



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