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The Virtues of Crystals:

Colorful, gleaming, magnificent, captivating…Gemstones have captured our attention since the dawn of time! For centuries, various civilizations have used stones both for their adornment – the symbol of power they confer – as for their curative attributes.

For my part, I always felt an undeniable attraction for minerals for their aesthetic appearance. However, my fascination with their energetic properties grew over time. Growing up, my mother used to put crystals in my bag to promote harmony and protection. I was raised in an environment where we explored not only the physical properties of everything around us, but also their metaphysical properties.

Indeed, many consider crystals to have a holistic healing power with a physical, a mental, an emotional and  a spiritual influence. Their vibratory properties affect the chakras in order to restore balance and harmony in the body. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine address common health ailments using gemstones. Hematite, for example, was originally used to soothe blood circulation disorders and even to fight insomnia.

Crystals in our daily lives:

There are several ways to surround ourselves with crystals and thus to benefit from their benefits. It is common to place them in the house as decorative pieces or put them in your bag. Another way to surround ourselves with a crystal that we love is by wearing it as a jewel.

Personally, I love wearing jewelry for its beauty and its energetic virtues. Over the years, I have amassed a large collection of jewels (rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, etc.) made of a wide variety of gemstones. One of my personal favorites is citrine which is known to attract abundance, promote concentration and eliminate bad energies. Others like the rutilated quartz, as seen on the picture, helps to promote spiritual growth.

On an emotional level, it alleviates anxiety, fear and fights self-hatred. Moreover, this stone facilitates forgiveness towards others and towards oneself. At the psychological level, it facilitates change of direction, transition and adaptation. The virtues of stones are infinite!

How to Choose a Crystal:

When you are in a crystal shop, it is advisable to move around the store and hold several crystals in your hands to find the one that suits you best. One can feel attracted, on a subconscious level, by a particular stone because of the energy and the vibrations it releases. So follow your intuition. Trust yourself. Most of the time, when our choice is made and we discover the properties of the crystal that we have selected, we realize that this is exactly what we were looking for.

💎Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and magic of the mineral world!💎

On the pictures, Tatiana is wearing a rutilated quartz headpiece which is recognized for its energizing properties. It helps balance emotions and soothe fears. It also helps to destroy the barriers to evolution and change by assisting in decision-making processes.



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