When we get sick, whether we are dealing with a physical or mental illness, our automatic reaction is to look for answers in the opinion of those we consider experts in the matter.  While I do believe that receiving professional help and support is crucial to recovery, I have noticed that there is one important opinion we tend to neglect: our own!  A professional opinion can help provide some answers but definitely not all, as some of the answers we seek can only be found within.  However, we often assume that others must know better than us about why we feel the way we do and we have a hard time trusting our intuition.  When it comes to our health, we forget that our bodies are wise and are constantly communicating with us through intuition. What I suggest, is that we grant as much trust, if not more, to our own inner knowing than we do to the opinion of others.  When we begin to cultivate that trust in ourselves we are better able to actively participate in our own healing process.

Light, Love & Kindness



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