« My goal is to help improve your level of happiness by allowing you to live a more productive, fulfilling lifestyle. »

Through diligent application of her professional skills, Adeline-Thi’s purpose is to help individuals with pain and those that are looking to improve their overall state of health. Individuals that benefit the most from her therapy sessions are those who feel limited in their daily activities or hobbies and who are looking for a simple, efficient and affordable solution.

Adeline-Thi takes the time to help her patients understand and listen to their bodies as well as improve their life habits. Her devotion, intuition and capacity to listen and hear are the reasons for the multiple benefits that they receive, her patients say. Following a therapeutic session, they find themselves feeling lighter, relieved and witness a lasting gain in their mobility.

As an osteopath, Adeline-Thi works on structural, visceral and cranial levels. She sees her patient’s body systems as an interlinked structure, that can regulate itself once certain blockages are taken out through therapy. Specific mobilisations (stretching, massage, exercises …) adjusted to the comfort of the patient, lead those blockages to progressively dissipate.