Reviews & Testimonial

‘ My experience within Reiki healing with Tatiana Toro came to be nothing short of quantum, magical and healing equally in two days. In the center she founded in the heart of cite I found an oasis of tranquility and authentic peace in a challenging moment in time. I feel this sense of peace as you enter a space cannot be constructed, but it only comes from one’s heart. I believe healing of any form in our today’s world of Holistic Arts first comes from one’s intention; Tatiana is a genuine Reiki healer and listener who created a beautiful center. I would always recommend her 110% to anyone on the Holistic paths. Thank you. ‘

With love,

“I had the pleasure to follow Michelle’s classes for 3 years. She is an amazing yoga teacher! I’ve learned and discovered so much through her passion for yoga. She is very devoted and attentive: she will remember your name and she will be very pleased to hear what you would like to practice during the class. She will always find a way to keep you motivated (whether you are at beginner, intermediate or advanced level) and she will give you the opportunity to keep learning through yoga practice. NAMASTE! :)”

Not only does the massage liberate muscular tensions and calms your spirit, it’s also the perfect for individuals who do not like to be too “handled” during massages. As Tatiana, founder of Toro Holistic Health Center explained: ” It’s a different kind of physical contact. You do not feel hands on your body, you simply feel different pressures”

After working the stress and tension out of my neck, shoulders, arms and back I was instructed to lie down and was covered with warm blankets. This next part is especially practical for anyone who does physical fitness. As a runner, I find it common to have tight or sore muscles in the hips, thighs or hamstring areas. This very slow form of stretching the legs was comfortable and relaxing at the same time as it was stretching out some very tight muscles, which felt great. The Thai Yoga massage was in part a traditional massage and in part yoga type stretching that really worked on the hip flexors and upper thighs.