Types Of Yoga Offered

Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga yoga offers dynamic natural movement in harmony with breath–a lasting solution for a disease-free, strong and peaceful mind-body.

Stream-Flow Yoga: Stream-Flow yoga is a non-traditional more athletic approach utilizing flowing postures in harmony with breath, and specifically designed to strengthen your musculature from head-to-toe while developing the capacity for deep focus.

Yoga In Old-Montreal: Our yoga classes are offered in an intimate setting that provides a more individualized approach than a large group class would. Our small group sessions are specifically designed to offer our students a tailored treatment while still allowing them to benefit from the social aspect of open classes. Small groups enable our instructor to cater to individual needs, fitness and skill level by providing hands-on adjustments. Another great advantage is that our students also have the opportunity of creating their own private group session with friends and family.

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About our Yoga Instructor


About Our Tui Na massage therapist

As a Canadian of Chinese descent, Jeannie Chen learnt two distinct ways of reasoning at a young age. She embraces Western and Eastern philosophy in her way of life. Her Chinese side is her yin and her Canadian is her yang. That’s how she finds her balance.
Curious and passionate about life, she pursued studies in health sciences, psychology, human resources management and traditional Chinese medicine. She strives to understand and to share ways to sustain a consistent sense of happiness on a daily basis.

“Explore yoga. Experience the harmony of movement and breath. Your body is the machine. Your mind is the motor. Your breath is life”