New season, clean slate. For me, spring has always been able to awaken all my senses! But one of my my favorite things about it is its distinctive smell. It’s that subtle aroma of fresh air with its undefinable yet unmistakable qualities. Then there’s the sweet fragrance of flowers that tenderly caresses the air. I just can’t help that little skip in my step whenever I go outside.

Like most of you, I like to bring a little bit of that joy and freshness into my home by doing a little bit of spring cleaning. But most importantly, I consider spring to be a wonderful time to declutter my mind. After all, if I take the time to give a much needed freshen-up to my humble abode, why not do it for my soul as well?

I like to proceed in the same way I would tackle cleaning my home. First, I like take a step back. Take the time to observe. Without judgement. Make piles. Find out what their nature is. What distinguishes them from one another. What type of thoughts do I have? Are they negative? Are they positive? Are they wasteful and energy-draining? When there’s clutter, you can’t see clearly. Doing this helps me put things into perspective. It gives me the opportunity to recognize myself, rediscover myself, transform myself.

Once I know what kind of thoughts are floating around in mind, I feel empowered because I know that I’m the one controlling them. My thoughts become actions and my actions become my reality. So, if I can control my thoughts, it means I have the ability to create the life I want for myself. This journey of spiritual awakening allows me to nurture my soul with positive thoughts. I feel grounded. I feel free. I’m blooming into something wonderful.

What about you? What are your thoughts telling you? Remember, your life is the creation of your mind.
If someone would look at your life, would they know who you are? Do your actions reflect your inner-self?

Go ahead! Spring clean your soul. It’s your turn to let the positive thoughts blooming in your mind bring cheerfulness, harmony, inner-peace and joy to your life.



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