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Valentine’s day is here and thus we will all be celebrating LOVE. Often times it’s the love between couples that comes front and center during this special day. For some, this a time where they deal with feelings of insecurity and sadness when faced with spending Valentine’s day as a single person. Indeed, it can be really daunting for certain people. But the important thing is not to allow negative self-talk dictate how you view this day… and everyday really.

Growing up, my family always celebrated Valentine’s as a day to honor love in all its forms. Not just the love between couples but love towards family members and friends. But, as I’m sitting here today I want to tell you to take a advantage of this holiday to remind yourself of the importance of loving yourself. Celebrate that. Love the skin you’re in. Loving the magnificence of your body, mind & soul is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can carry out.

Learn to appreciate your own company. After all, you have to spend the rest of your life with yourself. And try not to attach so much value to your relationship status that you begin to question your own self-worth. You are your own person. You are whole. You are complete. You are a beautiful human being with your own flaws, your own talents, your own quirks, your own aspirations, your own qualities, your own thoughts… Become more mindful of yourself and of the things that bring you happiness. Selflove teaches us to be more in tune with our authentic self and the way we think, feel and with what we truly want. On this day, allow the love you have for yourself to let you act on this knowledge.

Embrace yourself. LOVE yourself. ALL of it.

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