What Is Holistic Health? #TuesdayTalkWithTat

What Is Holistic Health?

The origin of the word holism comes from the Greek word “holos” and means whole, entire and complete.  In the context of health, the word holistic refers to the treatment of the whole person by taking into account the physical, mental and emotional states while considering their interconnectedness.

Though we tend to look at these as separate, what this reflects is that none of the parts work independently or separately but are interconnected and work in unison. Therefore body, thoughts, emotions and energy inevitably reflect and influence each other. For instance, for a physical injury, we take the time to explore the emotional ramifications that stem from that. Physical symptoms are considered to be an outward manifestation of the inner mental, emotional and energetic states. An important distinction of a holistic health approach is that it focuses on the person and their unique way in which they experience the disease rather than on the disease itself.


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