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Cancer is the sign that rules the lower lobes of the lungs, the breast, the stomach and pregnant womb. It is associated with lubrication of the mucosal membrane, aspects of the emotional heart, and nourishment of self and others. It is the fourth sign of the zodiac and associated with the home and comfort. The Moon governs Cancer.


Agrimony: main sites of action are the liver, and the mucus membranes of the stomach and the lower lobes of the lungs. As an astringent, it benefits tissues that have become stagnant and atonic, and as a mild hepatic from the Rose family, Agrimony is excellent for skin and sensitive digestion made worse with emotional stress.

How it Can Help:

Liver: this herb soothes cramps due to stress and tension, and is indicated in tender breasts before menstruation. It helps to ease liver qi stagnation and blood stasis manifesting as painful periods with cramping and dark, clotted blood.

Lung: soothe wet coughs and can be helpful as a secondary herb in cases of bronchitis and respiratory congestion.

GI tract: promotes healing of ulcers in the GI tract, alleviates diarrhea. Promotes the assimilation of nutrients in cases of sluggish Liver.

Mucus membranes: tightens and tones epithelial tissue internally and externally, useful for pimples in cases of ‘damp heat’ and/or liver qi stagnation. Taken internally or applied externally, assist healing of bruises and slow-healing sores.