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This center goes above and beyond your average sports clinic treatments. I have been visiting osteopaths for 10 years now and Toro Holistic Health Center is now my #1 choice for effective, well rounded and personalized services. Its so much more than a health center, I would call it a HEALING SANCTUARY. Not only do you get incredible service/treatments but all the employees have skills that add tremendously to your health and well being. Adeline, one of the osteopaths, comes with a vast knowledge of Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture techniques to enhance your healing experience. The owner, Tatiana, has an incredible gift to treat you using Reiki massage, a life changing experience and a MUST for balancing your emotional and spiritual self. It truly is a 360 degree approach to health and healing that is unmatched in all the sports medicine clinics I have been to over the past 10 years. Their fees match your typical 45 min session in a sport clinic but comes with far more attention to the needs of the client. They will always take the time to go above and beyond to insure you are left feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and healed. A healing ceremony is what you should expect from visiting Toro Holistic Health Center, once you step foot inside, you will undoubtedly feel a sense of calm and gratitude for your experience.

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I had a few sessions of holistic healing with Tatiana and it’s been helping me cope with my anxiety especially during Covid-19. It’s very refreshing to take a holistic approach to my mental health. Tatiana is very patient, understanding and helpful. I highly recommend booking an appointment with her!



I am so grateful and very satisfied with the services that Toro Holistic Health Center provided me with. The healing Reiki with Tatiana did wonders, Bach flower drops worked as well. Tatiana is not only a great listener, she is also great at giving advice. Adeline, the Osteopath actually saved me after a month of suffering from sciatica. She was attentive and patient. This place is definitely recommended!!



I am very happy with my experience at Toro Holistic Health Center! I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the reading was with Amparo. I found Amparo and Tatiana to be very kind and genuine, which made the experience even better! I would highly recommend to visit Toro :)

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 I recently started attending Tatiana’s lunchtime mindfulness meditation sessions and it just makes my entire day better. I’m so happy my boss hired her to come directly to our office every week. She’s genuinely caring and kind. She makes you feel at ease and I feel like I can let go of all the stress and just relax and be present. I’m glad the company I work for thinks it’s important to care for their employees’ mental well-being.

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