We know that choosing a therapist is a very intimate process and that building a genuine & authentic connection with a therapist you can trust is an integral part of your healing journey. A client-therapist relationship should really feel like a supportive partnership. Always trust your intuition when selecting your therapist.

At Toro, your consultation with your therapist will always be a personalized, compassionate, non-judgemental process where you will feel heard, guided, supported and empowered.  

All Toro therapists are incredibly dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable about all things holistic health. Your well-being is their priority. Meet them below:



Founder, Holistic Health Practitioner

A healer at heart with a penchant for the unconventional, Tatiana found a way to combine her passion for health with her love of nature and fascination with the spiritual.  Determined to follow her soul’s calling, she founded Toro Holistic Health Center with the intention of creating a healing space for body, mind and soul. As a holistic health practitioner, Tatiana has been helping clients become healthier and happier versions of themselves for nearly a decade through her knowledge of natural healing therapies.  Her holistic practice is guided by her desire to be of service to others and help them reconnect with their authentic-self to restore health and harmony in mind and body.  Her capacity to empathize with others allows her to truly relate to her clients and offer genuine emotional support.  Her expertise in naturopathy, homeopathy, Thai yoga massage and reiki allows her to provide practical advice on natural ways to relieve emotional and physical suffering.

Tatiana loves that her work allows her to participate in her clients’ lives in a meaningful way and cherishes the relationships and the authentic connections that they forge.  She is extremely generous with her time and energy when it comes to supporting her clients.  It is important to her that they never feel rushed and that they have the time to express themselves fully. Their concerns are always received with compassion, warmth and sensitivity.

In her personal life, Tatiana is a social butterfly! She is not one for small talk as she much prefers deeper conversations and genuine connections.  She loves spontaneous get-togethers with friends and spending quality time with her friends and family. Her easy-going, live-and-let-live attitude makes her a friendly and approachable person.  

Languages: English, French, Spanish


Spiritual Guide, Tarot Reader

At a very early age, Amparo realized that she had been blessed with a special gift. After going through various spiritually transformative experiences, she realized she had the innate ability to perceive and experience energy in a highly intuitive way.  With time, practice and experience, she learned to not only embrace, but also to share her gift with those in search of spiritual guidance.


Directed by her intuition, Amparo uses the tarot and Spanish cards as a tool to interpret the message presented by her client's energy and conveying this message to them.


With a lifetime of experience, Amparo is a seasoned cartomancer who began offering private consultations in her native Colombia.


She has been offering her Tarot readings services in Montreal for almost thirty years and has earned the trust of loyal clients, many of whom have been seeking her spiritual guidance for just as long.


Her clients are always pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of her readings as well as grateful for her wisdom and appreciate her candidness and authenticity.

Languages: French, Spanish



Osteopath, Acupressure Therapist

Since her early childhood, Adeline knew that she would dedicate herself to manual therapy, but it was only after high school that she decided on osteopathy. Having an all-encompassing view of the human body seemed coherent and promising to her.

After graduating, she dedicated herself to osteopathy for 5 years before feeling the need to broaden her knowledge. She then began a program in Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to expand her understanding of the human being in its physical, emotional and energetic oneness. This curriculum allowed her to get closer to her vocation and provided her with a substantial background. She received her second diploma at the end of 2019. 


Adeline takes the time to help her clients understand and listen to their bodies, as well as improve their life habits. Her clients say that the precision of her touch, her intuition and her capacity to listen are the reasons for the benefits that they receive.

Languages: French, English



Kelsey blends acupuncture, herbalism, bodywork, nutritional therapy and birth chart analysis in her comprehensive treatment. She is passionate about helping clients understand the tendencies of their personal make-up (‘constitution’) from a variety of perspectives, such that they can make informed, self reflective choices about diet and lifestyle. Her practice focuses on women’s health with five years’ clinical experience in the field of holistic fertility, providing acupuncture to women and growing families. She is attentive to client’s goals and needs, and strives communicate healing through touch, needles and herbs as well as through words in a peaceful treatment space. 


Kelsey holds a diploma of Acupuncture and diplomas of Chinese Botanical Medicine and Traditional Western Herbalism, as well as training in Thai and Tui Na massage. Nerd by nature, she has also completed a master’s degree in Italian Literature, and is finishing a second in Theological studies.  In her free time, she is probably researching something to do with the history and practice of ancient and renaissance medicine and medical astrology, with a very large mug of tea and one (or sometimes all) of her three cats on her lap (or obstructing the view of her monitor).

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese


Homeopath, Naturopath

Juan is very interested in the relationship between sustainability and health as a result of witnessing homeopathy as a trustworthy ecological medicine with the profound capacity to heal human suffering. He has also always been attracted to spirituality and environmental causes and this interest has led him to create several green youth programs with a spiritual perspective. He has therefore participated as youth representative for the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative in the last three United Nations Conferences on Climate Change, as well as the RIO+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

Languages: English, French, Spanish