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As the sign of Fixed Earth, Taurus is prone to congestion in the throat and head, and slow digestion. Rich in volatile oils, Thyme is useful in such ‘Taurus afflictions ‘by drying phlegm and stimulating digestion. Many of its constituents are antimicrobial, and its steam can be inhaled during sinus infections.

Garden Thyme

“It is under the government of Venus and is a notable strengthener of the lungs. It purgeth the body of phlegm and is an excellent remedy for shortness of breath. It is excellent for those that are troubled with the gout.”

Wild Thyme

“It is chiefly appropriated to the head and also easeth the griping pains of the belly, comforts the stomach and expels much wind.” -Nicolas Culpeper

Thyme Honey Recipe

1 clean glass jar

500 g unpasteurized honey (liquid)

½ cup dried thyme, or ¾ cup fresh

Place Thyme in jar, then add honey. Make sure all the herb is covered, and stir out any air bubbles. Let sit in a warm, sunny window sill for 2 weeks. Strain through cheesecloth.

How it Can Help:

For Sore Throat:

Thyme combines well with: Licorice, Mint, Elderberry/flower, Sage *add honey

For Sticky Cough or Congestion in the Lungs :

Thyme combines well with: Hyssop, Coltsfoot

For Tummy Pain and Indigestion with Stress or Nervousness:

Thyme combines well with: Rosemary, Verbena, Lavender and Lemonbalm

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