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Welcome beautiful soul!

Whatever led you here, we see you trying to heal and we are rooting for you. 


Please know that whether you are healing from  injury, illness, anxiety, heartbreak or loss, you have come to the right place.  We know that dealing with pain, physical or emotional, can leave you feeling not quite like yourself, like you're disconnected from your authentic-self, from your purpose and from the world around you.  Our mission as holistic healing practitioners is to help guide you back to the healthiest, happiest and most authentic version of yourself...

So you can finally feel like yourself again. 


Whether you are familiar with holistic modalities or you are just discovering the possibilities that are available to you on your self-healing journey, we are here to support you every step of the way.  If you previously thought there was only a one size fits all approach to healing, we’re happy to tell you that Toro Holistic is expanding possibilities for curious, open-minded & health-conscious people just like you. Our services are  for those who are seeking to explore and experience life-changing, natural and holistic alternatives to restore and maintain their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Simply put, we’ll help you restore your body’s natural self-healing abilities through holistic approaches so you can feel like the healthiest, happiest and most authentic version of yourself.

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What is holistic Health?

A holistic approach to health is one that combines FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE with SPIRITUAL WISDOM and considers harmony between the body, mind and soul as essential good health.

  Holistic healing is…

Healing your mind

Healing your heart

Healing your soul

Healing your body

Simply put, we’ll help you restore your body’s natural self-healing abilities through holistic approaches so you can feel like the healthiest, happiest and most authentic version of yourself...


 ...calming the mind and encouraging the body to crave, accept and better utilize and integrate the beneficial energies of your daily life (such as nourishing food, air, exercise, kind words) into your system, rather than becoming 'acclimatized' to and fixated on dysfunctional and destructive thoughts and habits.

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If you believe in signs and synchronicities, like we do, trust that it is no coincidence that you found this page.  But if you’re still looking for signs from the universe that a holistic healing approach is right for you...

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You are consciously working on your spiritual growth and development.

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"I was looking for a holistic healing approach that would help me find clarity and purpose and a dear friend highly recommended energy healing sessions with Tatiana. At first, I was scared of trying something new and of letting go but Tatiana put my mind and heart at ease right away.  I always feel calm and relaxed after our sessions. I feel a greater sense of self-awareness and being more honest with my feelings.  I feel more grounded and more in sync with my emotions.

What I appreciate the most about my sessions are the discussions with Tatiana and how she guides me to express myself.

I would highly recommend for everyone to try this great experience."

—  Roberto


common myths about holistic Health:

We know that one of the biggest misconceptions about natural medicine is the implication that it cannot go hand in hand with conventional medicine. We want to clarify that this is a huge misconception and could not be further from the truth! On the contrary, we absolutely embrace what modern medicine has to offer. In fact, we dream of a day when holistic health practitioners and medical doctors can collaborate and work hand in hand.  After all we are all working towards a common goal: Health and wellness. That being said, we want to be clear, our services are never meant to replace medical treatment but rather complement it. 

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“When illness or dis-ease is indicated, the body is communicating to us that our way of thinking (although unconscious) is out of harmony with what is beneficial to our being.  Illness indicates the need for a change in our belief system and tells us that we have reached our physical and psychological limits.”


~Lise Bourbeau


our HOLISTIC practice philosophy

At Toro Holistic, we believe that the foundation of good health and well-being comes from a sense or state of harmony between body, mind and spirit.  Now we know this phrase has become a bit of a cliché but what does it actually mean?  To us, it means that...

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Mind & body

an inextricable connection 

The body can be considered as an outer reflection of our inner state. How we feel physically is usually an accurate reflection of how we feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Illness itself is a sign of disharmony within the self, regardless of the symptom.  However, when we focus all our efforts on suppressing the symptoms without considering the inextricable link between body, mind and soul, we are merely masking the warning signs that alert us of a deeper issue. The greatest benefit of holistic care is that it considers the person in the entirety of their being and tailors the approach to fit the unique way in which they experience their pain.

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